Paardensport Vlaanderen

Info for foreign Riders

Please find documents for guest license below.

License to compete in Belgium

Riders who want to compete in Belgium have 2 possibilities:

1. Guest license

You obtain a guest license for every competition you want to enter.
This guest license costs € 50 or € 100 (depending on the discipline and the level you want to enter).

  • License for each competition
  • Independent of the number of horses 
  • No need to immatriculate the horse

2. Annual license

Foreign riders can also take an annual license at Paardensport Vlaanderen.
Horses of riders with an annual license need to be immatriculated. 

Step 1
Be a member of a club of Paardensport Vlaanderen. ‚Äč

Your club will give you a license number.


Step 2
With this license number you can fill in the online application form in order to obtain a competitive licence.

Don’t forget: you’ll need a riding permission of your national equestrian federation stating that you can compete in Belgium. Upload it in your online application.
After completing your online application and riding permission, you can pay online. 

Online application form

Step 3
Let's get started on Equibel!

How to start on Equibel? 

Riders who have already had a competitive licence at Paardensport Vlaanderen can renew their licence online by logging in at Equibel. The payment is done online and the licence is active immediately.


Immatriculation of the horses

Horses can compete from the age of 4 years.
Exceptions are included in the rules of the discipline you want to compete in.

If you take a annual license, your horse needs to have a correct immatriculation or registration.
With a guest license, this is not neccesary. 


More info about the immatriculation of your horse can be found at Equibel



Horses need to be vaccinated according to the veterinary medical regulations. The Belgian Confederation of Horses (=BCP ) also imposes registration conditions  for horses based in Belgium.


Recreational membership

Riders who don’t want to participate in competitions can apply for a basic membership (including insurance) at a club affiliated with Paardensport Vlaanderen. You can pay your membership at the club, who enters your membership in the online application.




€50 Silver & Gold - €100 Diamond

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For all disciplines: Per registration of a test, the offline rate counts (= online rate + 5 euro).